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College Applications Tips:

  • Keep Track of College Application Deadlines
  • Note instructions. ...
  • gather all requested information. ...
  • Proofread, Ensure Your Document Meets the Highest Standards. ...
  • Be Real & Honest. ...
  • Choose your recommendations wisely. ...
  • Be yourself in your application essay. ...
  • Request copies of your high school transcripts

High school seniors leave the zoo just to get thrown into the jungle when preparing college applications. Those SAT scores matter. Repeatedly, retaking the SATs hoping for those few extra points. Sound familiar? AP classes weighing you down? The college list and the application process driving you crazy?

Bradshaw College Consulting

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Biggest Tip - Hire A College Admssions Counselor:

Private college admissions consulting helps families navigate through the stressful process of college admissions. College Admissions Consultants like Gerald Bradhaw can help:

Does Your Child Need College Admissions Expert?

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Gerald Bradshaw provides the following:

  • Essay writing tips for college applicants
  • Summer Programs to Prepare for College
  • How to Avoid AP Test-Day Mistakes
  • College essay writing tips: Do's & don'ts
  • A Complete Guide to the College Application Process
  • Your communication — and your parents' communication — Stay kool, calm and collect.
  • You only get a few minutes to make an impression, and 'good' applications aren't always enough to be noticed.
  • Personality matters, and if you are lucky enough to get an interview, make sure you ask questions.