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About - Gerald Bradshaw

Gerald Bradshaw has worked with college bound students over 30 years. These young people hand-holding and the confidence necessary to exceed the requirements of curriculum; in order to prepare them for the next step in their pursuit to higher education. Mr.Bradshaw gives them the the resources necessary to choose the right path down the fork in the road. Mr. Bradhshaw is considered one of Americas top college consultants.

He is an expert in preparing high school students for the application and admission process into Ivy League schools that include: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, UPenn, Brown, Stanford, Cornell, MIT, and Duke, and Georgetown. Most US and international studentshaven't the slightest clue what it will take to prepare for the academically challenging environment after garduating high school. It takes early preparation and discipline to get a head start among other just as eager candidates.

Mr. Bradshaw helps these young people discover their unique talents and abilities. Students never even consider the will be rejected by a top college like Harvard, Yale or Brown. Everything they are, and have built -up until the point of their high school graduation will play a part on whether they actually gain access into an Ivy League school. Top schools seek intellectual curiosity, life goals, tenacity, evidence of personal growth and excellence when selecting from thousands of students from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and financial standing.

Bradshaw College Consulting help you find that best fit school. Reputation and rank is a good start in your college search. Bradshaw College Consulting can help students find the right school where they will succeed. Start the college planning process by hiring Bradshaw College Consulting.


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Mr. Bradshaw helps students develop their fullest potential, and choose the best course of study that will complement their strengths and interests.