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Why Bradshaw College Consulting?

Fees and services: College consultingThe college application, campus visits, and interview process can be both excting and overwhelming for any college bound student. The college application process is a crucial part of any student’s goal in getting into the right college.

Gerald Bradshaw helps determine which colleges are the best fit for your child. He is an admissions specialist that will help you understand what colleges, law schools and MBA programs look for in an applicant.

Bradshaw College Consulting assists students gain admission to the Ivy League, and other top colleges. If you're considering Harvard University, Stanford University, Duke University, Georgetown, or any other top tier college, Gerald Bradshaw can guide you through the application, essays and interview proces with one strategy in mind: getting in.

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The College Search:

Mr. Bradshaw also helps you in find the best college that suits you career ambition for medicine or Law. If you’re an athlete and are looking for the best university that will combine sports and academics, Gerald Bradshaw will help you identify the school that best fits your sport and academic profile.

Here is the fee schedule for Bradshaw College Consulting that will help you as student and parent to make the right choice.

The Initial Interview:

Mr. Bradshaw does not charge for the initial interview if conducted by telephone, email or at his office. Bradshaw College Consulting is also webcam capable using Windows Live Messenger. Parents who request a personal interview at their location are charged a fee per day, plus expenses.

College consulting fees include the following services:

  • Curriculum planning for high school.
  • Assistance with critical reading assignments with the emphasis on biography and history.
  • Assistance with college admissions special writing assignments focusing on the expository essay.
  • Help in editing AP History writing assignments.
  • The SAT or ACT: Which test is right for you? College Admissions Test preparation and evaluation.
  • PSAT/SAT/ACT tutoring.
  • Preparing for college: academic and nonacademic extracurricular activities.
  • The college application and selecting the right college and career.
  • The college interview: how to prepare for an outstanding alumni interview.
  • Curriculum planning for undergraduates intending to apply to law and business schools.
  • The law and business school application and selecting the right school.
  • Mentorship and Internship opportunities with top international companies.
  • An extensive network of former clients who stay in touch with Bradshaw College Consulting after they graduate.
  • Preparing international students to gain admission to American colleges and universities.
  • Help in transferring to another college.
Fees: Call For Pricing: 219-781-2372

Program for high school students preparing for college: Programs include communication by telephone, webcam and email.

  • Planning and coordinating three years of high school in preparation for college: CALL
  • Senior year only: Plan and coordinate all college applications includes: scholarships: CALL
Program for college:
  • Planning and coordinating four years of college: CALL
  • Program for law and business school applications: CALL
  • To add career counseling: CALL

Choosing the right major as an undergraduate has never been more critical. Does a degree in English automatically disqualify you from applying to medical school? Is a business degree the best preparation for an elite law school or MBA program? Most top firms recruit only at certain colleges and universities. Who are they and which colleges are best for you? These and other questions are critical when preparing for a career. Ideally, students should start thinking about careers in high school. Realistically, most students usually wait until college before giving it serious thought.

Career counseling that is unique to Bradshaw College Consulting:

Intern and mentorship opportunities are available with introductions to top international companies. Several top companies and government agencies employ alumni of Bradshaw College Consulting who have achieved prominence in their respective careers.

Here is a partial list of these companies:

  • Bain & Company
  • KPGM General
  • Catalyst
  • Boston Consulting
  • Boeing
  • General Electric
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • The United Nations T
  • The United States Department of Defense
  • The United States Central Intelligence Agency

See: Global economy changes rules for choosing a major and career

Special projects:

It is understandable that some parents are capable of contributing financially to a private university. In these cases confidentiality is assured.

International College Consulting Fees:

Applying to college in America can be an exciting challenge for the international student. Gerald Bradshaw will help with careful evaluation and planning throughout the entire application process. Mr. Bradshaw has helped dozens of international applicants from all points on the compass. The International package includes all the services listed above for the domestic applicant. Every service is included and at no extra charge

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