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Bradshaw College Consulting Curriculum planning
I work with students ranging from 7th graders to high school seniors. I help them navigate through the existing school curriculum to choose the best classes that will help prepare them to gain admission to highly selective colleges and universities. I also provide reading lists and other exercises that are customized to enhance the abilities of each student.

Test preparation and evaluation
I review all test scores including SSAT, PSAT, SATI, the three SATIIs, and ACT college admission tests. In cases where test scores are substantially below the average of the college or university of their choice, I provide recommendations on how to improve their chances of admission.

Most students applying to highly competitive colleges already know test scores are an important part of the decision process. However, not all perfect 800s get admitted. In these cases, I help the student communicate other parts of the application that I know from experience will be valued by admissions committees. The key is being to be able to communicate those attributes.

College application assistance
Meeting deadlines and other documentation requirements are critical. I help students manage each critical milestone in the application process to ensure that there are no last minutes glitches. Will Early Action or Regular Action applications enhance a student's chances of admission? How important is the Personal Statement? There is a enough variation among schools to warrant a closer look at each area.

Personal interview coaching
Most Ivy League colleges require an alumni interview as part of the admissions process. As an alumnus, I interview students each year on behalf of Harvard College and write an extensive evaluation of each applicant. Naturally, I recuse myself if I have worked with the student. The alumni interview is a great opportunity for the student to communicate those attributes that they feel are most important for the admission committee to consider. I work with each student to ensure that the alumni interview makes a difference. "Get admitted to an Ivy League School."

Law School preparation
The best strategy for applying to a top law school is to work with someone who has firsthand insights on the process-especially for schools that are the standard of excellence in legal education. I was admitted to Harvard Law School; I was also admitted to the law schools of Yale and Stanford. I chose Harvard. Working with someone who was admitted to one of these schools gives you a tangible advantage.

Application Essay

The application essay should be given careful thought. Admissions officers are not looking for the right answer. You don't need to tell them what they want to hear , rather what you want us to hear. Your essay should help the committee understand who you are and what you think as an individual. Express yourself.

Alma Maters of Interest

President, CEO
Telephone & Data Systems Inc.
Business: Telecommunications
College: Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Degree: B.A., economics, 1968
Graduate school: Harvard University, Boston
Degree: MBA, 1971

President, CEO
United Stationers Inc., Des Plaines
Business: Office products
College: Northwestern University, Evanston
Degree: B.S., industrial engineering, 1972
Graduate school: Harvard University, Boston
Degree: MBA, 1974
Favorite course: Organizational design

President, CEO
Trizec Properties Inc.
Business: Real estate
College: University of Notre Dame, Ind.
Degree: B.A., 1972
Graduate school: New York University
Degree: None

Kraft Foods Inc.
Business: Food
College: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.
Degree: B.A., economics and mathematics, 1975
Graduate school: Stanford University, Calif.
Degree: MBA, 1977

Chairman, president, CEO
USG Corp.
Business: Building products
College: Williams College, Williamstown, Mass.
Degree: B.A., economics, 1973
Graduate school: Harvard University, Boston
Degree: MBA, 1977

Gerald Bradshaw
College Admissions Consultant
Bradshaw College Consulting.
Crown Point, Indiana
Business: Admissions Officer
College: Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley.
Specialty: Undergraduate College Admissions, International college consulting, prep school advisor