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The essay is one of the most important piece of the application. A "WOW" attention grabbing essay will convey to the admissions committee why their particular school could be a good fit for the applicant, and how that applicant can contribute to the campus community.
Mr. Bradshaw help his clients understand what an admissions committee looks for in an essay.

You need an “essay that works”, one that is unique to who you are as a person. Your essay should be original and creative, a short story about you.

Your essay a narrative should have a catchy charming title, with humor that is used to relive tension. Consider turning a negative into a positive by revealing a weakness and then turning that negative into a positive learning experience. An essay should be well-written and enjoyable to the reader.

The application process only lets an admissions committee know your academic side. Your essay is your opportunity to bring your charismatic side to life. Show the admissions committee how you've overcome challenges or how you've recovered from failure.



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The Essay - The Final Determinig Factor

It's crazy but a fact that the essay can be the one factor that will place one candidate in front of another of equal qualifications in the admissions process. Students really need to take writing their essays seriously. Essay's matter! Colleges are looking for an essay with insight into who the student believes he or she is.

Colleges require applicants to submit an essay about themselves. The personal essay is a way for the admissions committee to get to know you and find out if you have that extra something to bring to their campus community.

Gerald Bradshaw can assist you in writing a convincing essay, properly written that tells an admissions committee who you are. Mr. Bradshaw will help you write an effective essay that lets your reader get to know you, the real you. The objective is to show the admissions committee there's more to you as an applicant than just great grades, exceptional achievements and high test scores.

Mr. Bradshaw will give you some essay writing tips that will make you pop-out of the page, snapping an admissions committee to full attention. This is your chance to clinch that one and final determining factor -- your personal essay! Call Gerald Bradshaw today for assistance with your personal essay! 1-866-687-812



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