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Do you have your sights set on attending Harvard University upon graduation from high school? Gerald Bradshaw an Ivy League college consultant assists students with the application, interview, testing and essay expectations of the Harvard University admissions board.

Gaining admission to a top college like Harvard University has become an art. College bound applicants personal, academic, and social portfolio are all factors that will help an admissions board determine and applicants application for admittance.

The process can be overwhelming and challenging. Only 7% of Harvard University applicants will be admitted. According to Harvard University there is a record 29,112 applications for the Class of 2013. If you need help with the Harvard admissions process, Bradshaw College Consulting can help.

Gerald Bradshaw has been in your position and knows what is needed to be success when applying to Harvard University. Gerald Bradshaw has helped hundreds of students through the application process, successfully, gain admission to top schools in the country.


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Below you will find relevant information to admission:

Harvard Application Fees:

Harvard College application fee: $75
Fee can be waived if filing for with financial need.
Admission requirements:

  • Admissions Interview: This is an essential part of the application process.

  • Application Essay's: A deciding factor whether an applicant will be selected for  admission.

  • SAT / ACT test scores: Play a role in the acceptance decision.

  • Grades 9 to 12 Report and Mid-year School Report

  • Two Teacher Evaluations

International Students:

Harvard University considers students for admission from all over the world. Harvard University has expanded its international admission recruitment in the hopes of attracting the best and the brightest of international students. Harvard has offices, schools and research centers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, France, Greece, India, and Japan.

Gerald Bradshaw a Ivy League college consultant

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.erald Bradshaw guides high school students nationwide and international students alike through the Harvard University application process.