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Out of 35,000 high school seniors applying to Harvard, fewer than 2,000 will be accepted. This is typical for most Ivy League schools.

If your ultimate goal is getting into an Ivy League university, you'll need more than just advice, you'll need an advocate in your corner, that has a strong college counseling experince.

Gerald Bradshaw, Harvard Law School, Class of 1976, University of California Berkeley, Class of 1973, a top US college consultant, has been advising students nationwide, for over 3 decades, prepare for the college admission process. Sign-up today for personalized one-on-one SAT tutoring, college essay assistance & help with your college application packet.

Ivy League College Consulting
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Did you know that Ivy League schools do NOT base their admissions just on a GPA / SAT scores? Acceptance consist of specific components, not just grades and test scores. The admissions board consider key factors, when consudering applicants. Thousands of amazing applicants of different backgrounds, bring to the table experiences, goals, and circmstances; all competing for acceptance. Also considered is the essays, counselor/ teacher recommendations, curricula and outside activities. These activities may include: sports, involvement in humanitarian causes, music, clubs, jobs, and community service.

Students will receive professional counseling in preparation for testing, essays, and interviews. The "Ivy League", Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Duke, Yale, Brown, and Dartmouth, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Cornell, are known for expecting academic excellence, and being high selectivity in admissions.

You'll need to add the "Wow" factor to your application in order to increase your chances of acceptance into the school of your dreams. Bradshaw College Consulting provides effective tips, in submitting an effective application that helps you stand out amoung other viable candidiates.

Improve your Admissions Chances

Try not to think so hard about what will look good on a transcript. Stick to subjects that matter including: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Foreign Languages. Electives are not as important as your subject requirements.Getting into Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell or Penn. University would be a huge accomplishmen. Bradshaw College Consultinghelps you shine among thousands of remarkable students.

We prepare international students interested in attending one the many prestigious American universities. Parents in countries like China, Saudia Arabia, Japan, Spain, and Russia encourage their children to persue elite universities upon garduation. Bradshaw College Consulting educates iclients on the application process, including tutoring for interviews and writing essays.

Bradshaw College Consulting Services

» Curriculum planning and evaluation
» Reading assignments focusing on biography and history
» Writing assignments focusing on the expository essay
» Test preparation and evaluation
» Recommendations for private tutoring where needed
» College Prepping: academic and extracurricular activities
» Application assistance
» Personal interview coaching
» Law school application assistance

International College Consultant

Are you an international student interested in studying in the United States? Explore top colleges that will best suit your educational journey.

Learn about the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score requirements, ESL program availability, and costs. Get information on admissions requirements, financing, visa, and scholarship guidance.

College Choice That Works!

PSAT / SAT / ACT Preparation
GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
GMAT (Management Admission Test)
LSAT (Law School Admission Test)
Student Faculty Ratio Evaluations and Rankings
video and other resources.

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2018 admission rate reports

Of the 253,472 applications for the Class of 2018,
Private Schools Welcomed 22,624.

"My child maintained a 4.0 grade average, scored high on his SAT tests, and has just been admitted to Harvard - one of the 2,000 or so admitted next year out of 35,000 applicants. " Tim M. Georgia

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