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Prepare to take the SAT:

The Standardized Aptitude Test is considered tradition when preparing for college. Bradshaw College Consulting makes preparing for the SAT painless for with high schools students.

Preparing for the SAT doesnt have to be an excrutiating process. Gerald Bradshaw can work with your child to improve their SAT scores, allowing for a higher ranked college selections.

Find out how to tackle the following sections of the SAT sections:

SAT Critical Reading 200-800 points
SAT Math 200-800 points
SAT Writing 200-800-points

The SAT requires a perfect score of 2400. Each esction is made-up of 200 to 800 points. Gerald Bradshaw has effective strategies to asisit students in acheiveing that high SAT score.

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The SAT test focuses on reading, writing and math.

* Reading: Tests a students comprehension including sentence completion.

* Writing: short essay and multiple-choice questions, correcting errors and improving grammar and usage.

* Math: Multiple choice questions on calculus, trigonometry, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability.

Gearld Bradshaw offers online SAT preperation sessions. Find out information on how your student can prepare for the SAT by calling 866-687-8129

Admissions officers at top prestigious colleges in the US are outting the final touches on acceptance letters admitting the Class of 2019. Students around the world are biting their nails in anticipation hoping for a spot in America’s ivy league, higher-learning institutions.

Admissions officees base the admissions process on the same basic guidlines used over the last decades: high school grade-point averages, SAT and ACT scores, extracurriculars, letters of recommendation and personal essays.

By hiring Gerald Bradshaw, one of Americ'as top college admisions advisors, you'll get a head start on preparing for this process. Elite colleges, Harvard, Yale, Brown University, Columbia, Cornell, have resources in place that give give students a chance to prove that they’re ready for an ivy leage university. Find out what is available and how you can stand out amoung thousands of applicatnts persuing the same dream of an ivy league education.

Winging this process on your own can turn into a nightmare. It's getting harder and harder for for U.S. students and international students with certain social circumstances and financial advantages — children of parents with alumni,status and just those with bucko bucks — to get into top ivy league colleges.

Get ahead of the games and hire a college consultant that will prep you for theSAT and tutor you to the process and expectations of the elite, ive league universities.

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