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College consulting is a growing business. The advantage of utilizing a college consultant's knowledge is quite simply the fact that they have much more experience in the field that the average applicant. It's been found that as high as 40% of the students admitted to Harvard have used the help of a college consultant, and rightly so. With admissions rates as low as 7%, Harvard rejects roughly 93 out of a hundred applicants. Perfect SAT scores and 4.0 GPA's don't always cut it. A good college consultant can maximize a student's chances of admission to top schools.

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SAT. Perfect SAT Scores. Many students feel that perfect SAT scores are an end-all in terms of college admissions. Writing the college application essay is just as important, however. Many feel that the SAT is merely a test on which they must perform well, but few know how SAT scores are evaluated by admissions committees at universities like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. Many schools tout holistic approaches to applications, positing that the SAT is a mere minuscule admissions factor, but do not be fooled. The SAT is arguably the most important admissions fact for top schools because so much depends on those scores.

Aside from the interview, the college application essay is the only component that adds character and personality to the college application. Many students are surprised to learn that perfect SAT scores and 4.0 GPA's do not necessarily equal admission to top schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. So, how do you write the perfect college application essay? That's actually a harder question to answer than it is to ask. The college essay that speaks to admissions committee is one that drips with emotion, not one that merely satisfies its reader.

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