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Tuesday, September 13, 2011



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Dear Mr. Bradshaw: I am a senior this year and I want to go to medical school. I am thinking about applying to the Indiana University/Purdue University program in Indianapolis that allows high school students to apply for admission to both a baccalaureate and a graduate or professional degree program.

Signed: Senior

HPA program is highly selective



Dear Senior: You are referring to the State of Indiana’s Honors Professional Admissions program. It is unique in that if you are accepted it will provide you with an opportunity for undergraduate studies at a state school on a scholarship, and in your case, put you on the fast track to medical school.

Through a highly selective admissions process, high school students may apply for admission to both baccalaureate as well as graduate or professional programs within participating departments and schools. To apply you must be a senior, have outstanding grades and test scores, and be a resident of Indiana.

A small number of incoming freshmen are admitted to the HPA program each fall and are prepared for entry into 11 graduate and professional schools in Indiana. Among these schools are Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business MBA program where a maximum of eight students are admitted, and the IU School of Dentistry where a maximum of three freshmen are admitted.

In your situation you must be admitted to IUPUI before you can be considered for the HPA program. Should you be admitted to the honors program you will work closely with your academic and honors advisors to ensure that you meet the academic requirements necessary to complete both your undergraduate and professional degrees. HPA participants are members of the IUPUI Honors College.

You must include the following information in your application:

† A completed HPA application form available online at

† An official high school transcript and SAT or ACT results. (Your test scores may be listed on your high school transcript). If you have submitted a 2011-12 IUPUI Honors College Scholarship Application you do not need to supply transcripts, letters of recommendation or test results.

† A letter of recommendation from each of the following: a teacher familiar with your academic work and preparation for the HPA; a personal reference from an unrelated individual.

† A 1,000 word essay describing your commitment to and passion for your field of study and a description of your long term professional goals.

A panel of faculty members from the appropriate graduate or professional school will interview semi-finalists and finalists will be offered provisional admission to the program.

For further information regarding the IUPUI Honors College, visit or contact Sara Glender at (317) 278-4603 .

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