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Students From China Applying to Ivy league Schools


Chinese students seeking help filling out their U.S. college admission forms require an advocate on their side; an Ivy league consultant like Gerald Bradshaw. Mr. Bradshaw will help Chinese students fill out their application, write their personal essay and properly compose teacher recommendation letters.

Mr. Bradshaw can also guide the student through the visa process and communicate with prospective colleges. If you are looking to start your undergraduate career at a US university consider using Mr. Bradshaw to apply to the college of your choice.

Gerald Bradshaw, Harvard Law School, Class of 1976, and University of California Berkeley, Class of 1973, considered one of America's top Ivy League college consultants understands the preparation needed by students in China to enter the best American schools. Mr. Bradshaw will offer the necessary guidance needed that will assist Chinese students and their parents, navigate through the complexities of U.S. college admissions process.


Chinese students in amaericaIn the last decade, mainland Chinese have reshaped the international student body at U.S. colleges and universities, notably at Ivy League institutions.

In the 2014-2015 academic year, China surpassed traditional "study abroad" heavyweights like Canada, India and South Korea, to lead international enrollment across U.S. higher education, according to the Institute of International Education.

The U.S.-based institute's most recent figures reveal that mainland Chinese students increased to more than 304,000 in the 2014-15 academic year.

Mr. Bradshaw will provide you with invaluable insight into the U.S. college application process and empower you with the knowledge and guidance needed to gain admission to the college of your choice.

Chinese students are now forgoing elite Chinese universities to study in the United States. Mr. Bradshaw can also assist Chinese parents that are interested in sending their children to private U.S. high schools. If the end game is an elite U.S. university Mr. Bradshaw can help your child escape the Gaokao -- the one-time, high-stakes national university entrance examination that is the sole determinant of admission.

Ivy League admissions review and consider application essays, teacher recommendations, curricula and outside activities. These extracurricular activities include: sports, involvement in humanitarian causes, music, clubs, jobs, and community service. Forgo the typical undergraduate struggles of Chinese students, such as the application and admissions process, choosing classes, maintaining degree's, including visa requirements and immigration restrictions. Mr. Bradshaw is an advocate on your side is ready to help!



International college consultant providing invaluable services:

Chinese StudentsCurriculum, academic and extracurricular planning toward successful college admission.
Chinese StudentsExpert advice on the college application process, choosing the right college and career.
Chinese StudentsDevelop and nurture leadership skills essential for admission to top colleges as well as future careers.

Chinese StudentsTutoring and prep for the U.S. version of the National Center Test - SAT/ACT/TOEFL.
Chinese StudentsDevelopment and improvement of client's critical reading and thinking skills.
Chinese StudentsOne on one interview prep to ace college alumni interviews.
Chinese StudentsHelp to brainstorm, edit, and perfect college admission essays to best showcase client's unique and strongest abilities.
Chinese StudentsAssistance in understanding international financial aid policies and other options to finance a student's college career including scholarships.

Private / Boarding School Admissions Help

Chinese parents interested in sending their kids to a renowned American private / boarding school need the support and expert advice of Gerald Bradshaw.

Get information on elite private boarding schools' admissions, it's process and one-on-one personalized consultations with Mr. Bradshaw.

Mr. Bradshaw will assist in SSAT/ISEE tutoring, planning and editing crucial admission essays, creating a personalized strategy for admission, preparing to ace student and parent interviews, among other services.

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